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Fatal Attraction: XIX. Bitter Confrontation - lolita models russian nude a story by outlaw
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FATAL ATTRACTION XIX. Bitter Confrontation
"Yes, me..." smiled Sandeep, sitting on a high stool. And in the light Mayank saw the table by his side... a table loaded with things that looked like electronic gadgets, a laptop, and various other small items that he couldn't make out from the distance.
"WHY?" Mayank asked, his voice a quivering screech... utterly shocked.
"For three months," Sandeep hissed back, the teeth clenched, "three long months I pursued you; picking you out in that crowd at the wind-surfing championship, befriending you. I offered you my unqualified love... a share in my life and my wealth; promising you a life, and success, which you could never have dreamed of achieving in your entire miserable existence. Repeatedly telling you how much I wanted you; needed you. And what do you do in return... you not only reject my love, but choose that worthless piece of a farmer's son over me!
"How utterly humiliating!" he roared, "How demeaning! Maybe... just maybe, I would have excused your ingratitude, forgiven you your foolish indiscretions... but, giving yourself to that trash, offering yourself up to that scum," he spat with revulsion, "letting him enter you, copulating with him like animals out in the open wilderness, that I can never forgive!"
"I... I never... you never... oh my God!" Mayank gasped in shock and astonishment, staring at Sandeep, seeing a new person in those contorted features, the vicious eyes.
"Don't lie, Mayank," Sandeep thundered, "don't try to make me believe that you were unaware of my love, ignorant of my feelings for you! Of course you knew," he hissed, his eyes piercing, "Of course you knew, wasn't that the reason for keeping him back that Saturday night... keep him back so that I could conveniently 'discover' the two of you in bed. So that you could disgrace me in front of that worthless excuse for a human being!
"You want me to believe that you forgot all about hardcore lolita asian porn our surfing trip that Sunday, eh?! Excuse me, no, you didn't, it's just that you didn't have the balls, or the decency to tell me up front and decided instead to take a more sly and devious route...
"You thought you could get away with it... just get rid of me by displaying your pretty little village lad naked in your bed, huh?" Sandeep hissed in a low, vicious voice, "Buddy, I'm not going to let you off that easily, no way! I offered you my all, I pleaded, I begged, and now you will have to pay for it... and that pitiable country waif too will pay. You don't take me for a ride and get away that easily... no, Mayank, you don't..."
"Sandeep, you're totally wrong..." Mayank stuttered, sad yet terrified, "but... I... I won't..." he paused, his mind reeling, "well, I'm here and please, I beg you, please release him..."
"Ah, such affection," exclaimed Sandeep, with derision, "such concern, and for that scum?! I too begged, I too pleaded with you, to come to me, be mine... but did you? Anyway, I'll let that boy go when the time is right."
"You wanted me to come here," Mayank said softly, his eyes focussed on Sandeep, his heart slamming away, "and I've come..." he paused, swallowing, "tell me what you want and I'll do it, but please, let him go... at... um, at least stop those drugs..."
Sandeep chuckled, "I will, once I'm finished with you."
"You... you'll kill him by then, kill him with your drugs!" screamed Mayank.
"No, these lowborn vermin don't die that easily," Sandeep laughed, shaking his head, "they are pretty resilient! Just look around you, see how fast and how well they propagate, filling the world with their worthless souls, continuously reproducing and adding to their numbers. Besides, as I've already mentioned earlier, we have the best veterinary research facility in the entire country, and since it always fascinated me, I've been closely involved with all the procedures.
"These gadgets you see here," he added pointing at the table, "they are continuously monitoring his vitals - heart rate, cardiac output, blood pressure, respiratory rate and arterial blood gases; and the computer automatically adjusts the dosage if it senses any adverse reaction in the patient... no, don't worry for that boy, he will survive!
"Though, to be very honest, today while inserting that tube up his miserable dick that you had allowed inside you, for a moment I was tempted to geld him," Sandeep chuckled, "take away from him what he had used to defile you, make you unworthy of me!"
"You bastard..." hissed Mayank... and almost immediately fell silent as he saw the fingers reach out for the console, "Please," his tone changing rapidly, "please, don't do it, please Sandeep, don't hurt him, please let him go..."
"Such tiny teen lolita pussy
foul language..." Sandeep said, cold and distant, the fingers hovering over the console, "it might just get you into more trouble... maybe even kill that son-of-a-bitch!"
"Sandeep, I'm... um, please, I'm terribly sorry..." Mayank pleaded, knowing his own vulnerable position, his helplessness, "Sandeep, just tell me, and I'll do it, anything... but please, stop those drugs! I'll do whatever you say, whatever you want..."
"Of course you'll do whatever I want, whatever I say," replied Sandeep with dyspathy, the voice cold, "you will anyway do it, since you don't have an option, not anymore... And as for him, well, yes, he too will go... after he has witnessed my vengeance. And now, strip..." he laughed, "and make sure to put up a good show for me, maybe if you can please me I'll take pity on that filthy scum, and reduce the dosage..."
Numbed and terrified, Mayank hesitated for a moment, but seeing the steady gaze, and the fluttering fingers over the console, he slowly reached up... undoing the buttons of his shirt.
Self-conscious, yet terrified, Mayank slowly peeled off the shirt, dropping it to the ground and then reaching lower grabbed and then pull off the singlet... He shuddered for a moment as the cool air of the barn caressed his naked body... but he knew he had no option... He had tried to think of ways and means, had calculated strategies... but the time it would take him to rush Sandeep, even if slut bbs thumbs lolita he beat the world sprint record, those fingers hovering over the console would have done their job... And he believed every word that Sandeep had said, and knew from the bottom of his heart that he meant them.
His hands went down and slowly unbuckling the belt, he undid the button before pulling down the zip... pausing for a fleeting moment before dropping the pants. He glanced to his right one last time and saw the slumped form... the blank face and glazed eyes staring back... the tears and the drool... and with a new determination hooked his thumb in the waistband of his brief, shoving the garment down... stepping out and standing back up... totally bare under the blazing light, naked.
He heard the low whistle and the lewd chuckle... but he wasn't looking anymore... nor listening... The world didn't exist for him any longer... his surroundings imperceptible... the only reality being Harsh... slumped in that horse stall... those tubes pumping in their vile medications... Mayank would submit, submit to anything, any degradation, as long as he could save the boy and get him out of here, get him back home and to safety.
"You're beautiful, Mayank," Sandeep said in a low, husky voice, his eyes roving over the nakedness as he stared in lustful hunger at the nude man. "Turn around..." he whispered in a hoarse voice, barely audible.
And as Mayank turned, he heard the ragged gasp... the harsh breath.
Sandeep sat up, admiring the tall, lithe form - the broad shoulders... tapering down to the narrow waist... the firm buttocks, so incredibly full, awesome. "Turn back..." he whispered, his eyes once more fixed on Mayank's crotch, admiring the large genitals, lascivious.
"Well, your cock hasn't stirred yet!" he finally said with a smirk, looking up into Mayank's eyes, "Doesn't the very thought of me finally taking you... The honour of feasting your eyes on me, fill you with desire, excite you, eh? Or, is it that you only enjoy being tilled and sowed by farmers, huh?"
Mayank remained silent, totally impassive... his mind completely switched off... waiting, just waiting for whatever Sandeep wanted... Waiting for it to get over, and hoping that then he could leave, take Harsh with him... away from this hell... far away from Sandeep, and back to safety.
Slowly getting up Sandeep clutched his own crotch, rubbing the bulge lewdly, "Well, I'm hard, hard for you," he grinned at Mayank, "despite your treacherous acts, and your betrayal of my love and trust. And what a waste..." he shook his head in regret, slowly walking towards Mayank. "Sad, you didn't come to me when I wanted you to... when I offered myself to you. But now, it's too late for all that; and today I can just tiny teen lolita pussy
use you the way you deserve to be used, the way people use cheap whores... the way my stallions breed those mares. And then," he spat, "you can leave with your farmer boy, for I'll have no further use of you."
He had come about halfway when he suddenly stopped... his face contorting with surprised rage as he stared, his eyes focussed beyond Mayank... and then with lightening speed he spun around, running back to the table, picking up something.
Surprised, Mayank turn his head, looking behind him... seeing the silhouette of a man outlined by the glow of the sunlight pouring in from the open barn door.
"Who are you?" he heard Sandeep hiss, and turning his face back noted the african lolitas pussy pics revolver in his hand.
"The police are here..." said the shadow in a calm voice, "don't do anything foolish!" astonishing Mayank as he recognised the familiar voice of Lluis.
"Stop or I shoot!" shouted Sandeep walking forward... and almost immediately all hell broke loose as two shadows came rushing at Sandeep from either side.
"Drop the gun," Lluis shouted, quickly running in, away from the glare of the doorway,
Mayank stood rooted, his mouth open, bewildered by the unexpected appearance of Lluis... and then the sudden entry of free lolita sex pic
these new players; trying to make sense of the fast changing scenario... and as he stood, staring at the struggling figures in the darkness, he felt a hand grab him by the shoulder, pulling him away from under the light and into the shadows... pushing him down against the ground.
He fell on the bare, cold floor... still numbed by the shock of the final discovery, listening as the barn reverberated with the loud, angry grunts of the three struggling shadows... resounded as the bodies lolita models russian nude
slammed against the steel of the horse stalls... remaining there, crouched, with Lluis covering him, shielding him... And as his dazed mind flitted back to thoughts of Harsh... worried sick... the deafening burst of gunshot filled the barn... drowning out all other sounds...
To be continued...
a story by outlaw
If you enjoyed the story, please do mail me:
Fatal Attraction

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